Established in 1998, the Chatham Islands Taiko Trust was originally created to conserve the endangered taiko as an integral part of the Chatham Island landscape. Over the years, the Trust has expanded its conservation aims to provide the Chatham Island community with the opportunity and tools needed to enhance natural habitats and preserve other unique wildlife on our islands.

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Year One of Chatham Island Albatross Translocation a Huge Success - all fifty chicks fledged successfully, and the Taiko Trust has secured funding for a second year of the translocation
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Both Taiko Chicks Born and Raised at Sweetwater Fledge Successfully - both pairs of transferred taiko breeding at Sweetwater for the first time raised and fledged one chick each, marking 2013 as a year that will go down in history
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Another Chatham Petrel Chick Fledges from Sweetwater - a major milestone in the conservation of Chatham petrels is reached with the fledging of yet another chick from Sweetwater
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Te One School Kids Assist in Endangered Species Conservation - school kids camped at Taiko Camp for a week and got hands-on experience in endangered species conservation
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