Te One School Kids Assist in Endangered Species Conservation

The Taiko Trust believes strongly in involving the community in every kind of project as much as possible because Chatham Islanders are the key to making any conservation project on our Islands a success. The support of locals builds the foundation to stand on for preventing the extinction of any species, big or small.

The kids from the higher classes at Te One school were excited to join the first year of the Chatham Island albatross translocation at Point Gap, Tuku Farm. They roughed it through sun and rain while camping at Taiko Camp, coping well with flooded tents and disappearing personal items sneakily hidden by the camp puppy, Sam. All kids assisted the Taiko Trust by being involved with the feeding of albatross chicks on a daily basis for a week, and got hands-on experience learning about the conservation of taiko and Chatham petrels at Sweetwater. The energy and enthusiam these kids brought to camp and the conservation projects were refreshing beyond words. They are the future, and together with the Taiko Trust, they can connect with their environment and reach ground-breaking milestones.

By teaching, inspiring, and involving the community as a whole, the Taiko Trust's past achievements with projects such as the Chatham petrel, tui, and now albatross translocations, show that anything is achievable. The recipe for success is trust, support, and belief from those people who have the most influence, the local Chatham Islanders.